Nevada Women's Team Roping Association

February 2017 Minutes 

March 2015 Meeting Minutes

                  NWTRA MARCH 26, 2015 MEETING MINUTES 
Nora called the teleconference meeting to order.  Members calling in were:  Tina, Carole, Lindy Lehman, Nora, Renee, Jenn, Carlee English, Christen & Marisa. 
Tina made the motion to approve the minutes from the February meeting and Lindy seconded. The poker tournament profit was $2770. We discussed the June 6th roping/clinic/pig in the ground bbq.  Renee will put out a flyer on it for the members and the SV community.  She has a bit donated by Scott Iron Works and we decided to give it to the high money NWTRA lady roper of the day.  It was confirmed that there would be no barrel race just the clinic and roping with the 50/50 raffle; which Josey Rae will be selling tickets for. 
Christen and Jenn discussed the Rope & Stroke on April 26.  The roping will be in the morning at Stix Arena then golf in the afternoon at the Fernley golf course.  The entry is $100 and the partners will be drawn at the roping and that that is who you rope & golf with. Jenn will run will the roping and Marisa said she can help.  Christen needs to know before April 16 for the golf course how many are signed up.  The 2 buckles have been ordered; and it was figured we need 20 people to break even. 
The banquet committee will be Carlee English, Lindy Lehman and Marcy Jordan. 
We then discussed the rules that Nora had sent out for discussion. The first one discussed was the possible number changes with C league staying the same but B league being 1.5 – 2 and A league being 2.5 and over.  There was much discussion on this but it was tabled since we had just changed it to the current way this year and we would see how this goes without changing so much so soon and often. 
We had discussions on standing rule IV Awards F: which said no member could win a saddle in the same league two years in a row.  The board voted to eliminate this rule so one member could win it year after year.   The other standing rule was no member could win both A,B,C league saddle and a heeling saddle in the same year.  We voted that this would stay the same. 
Renee brought up that some Elko ladies had asked about Idaho ropings counting for our association and maybe changing our rule on the area that counts.  It was brought up that maybe all ropings anywhere should count as long as they are under the $150 entry fee.  We tabled this but will talk to some of the Elko and Winnemucca ladies on their feelings. 
Tina made a motion to adjourn and the next meeting will be April 23rd by teleconference at 7pm. 
Vote on IV Awards F: Nora 5. yes  6. yes Marisa 5. yes 6.no Lindy 5. yes 6.yes Christen 5. yes 6.no Carole 5. no 6. no Renee 5. no 6. no

Minutes January 2014

March 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The teleconference meeting was called to order by President Carisa at 7:06 pm; those calling in were:
Carisa Cutler, Stacey Blake, Tina Mudd, Jen Behrendt, Marcy Jordan, Renee Funk & Carole Rogers.
Tina moved to approve the last meeting minutes and it was seconded by Marcy.
We discussed the Poker Tournament fund raiser where we had a great turn out and had a net profit of
$2,63S with a donation of $100 from a player. Tina said next year we probably won't advertise in the
Ropers Sports News since it is costly and didn't bring any players in this year. Marcy suggested we get
an email data base setup from the players list and email those from the prior year to remind them of the
date and additional information. Jen added that if players purchase the tickets before the date it would
be $SOand if players bought them that night it would be $55 or $60. We tabled that until next year.
We discussed the 50/50 raffle and the possibility of setting up a PayPal account on our website for
purchase of any tickets. Renee said she could look into it but Jen said she will check with our website
host first but Jen & Renee will work on it. Jen will keep the raffle tickets, track the members' sale of the
tickets, send the money to Carole or members can hold on to the stubs until State or mail to Jen. Carisa
will also monitor the Fallon area.
We discussed the MDM roping but the committee of Carole, Marcy & Carisa have everything rolling on
it, have the buckles ordered and an ad for the roping. Marcy discussed that we had decided to partner
with Food Bank for a barrel at the roping and that will be added on the advertisement in the RSN.
If ropers bring cans of food they will get a beer or soda. The food will go to the Fernley area.
We discussed the league placement of Ashley Jordan; with many not having seen her rope. We later
decided that she should probably go in the Cleague.
Tina brought up that she would really like to see us give an incentive saddle to a member who raises
money for our association but maybe doesn't rope or isn't competitive enough to win a league saddle.
Jen thought it would encourage those members and better our club. There was a lot of discussion on
this idea with some pro and some con and brought up some great ideas and feedback. Amember could
not win a league saddle and the incentive saddle and the incentive saddle would not be of the same
caliber or value as the league saddle and the ticket for the saddle would be drawn at our banquet so as
not to belittle the year-end league winners. Jen said if not enough money was made toward the saddle
she would donate up to $500 toward it. The winner can take either the saddle or $500 cash. The
motion was made by Jen and seconded by Tina and passed. Tina will re-structure the wording and
guldellnes of the incentive award program by March 15'h and it will be posted on our Facebook page and
our website. Iam attaching the structure to these minutes also so the exact wording is correct.
The club would use 15% of our total net profits toward the saddle not to exceed $1000. The Vice
President will track the members' tickets/% toward the drawing.
The meeting was adjourned at about 8:30.
Respectfully submitted:
Carole Rogers
2013 NWTRA
Incentive Saddle Award Structure
(Revised from 03/06/13 meeting)
For 2013 the fundraising committee has proposed an Incentive Structure for the membership. This
incentive structure was approved by the Board on 03/06/13 and will be implemented for the 2013
season. The incentive structure will be reviewed at the year-end meeting to discuss its effectiveness for
the club.
The incentive structure is designed to encourage member participation in membership drives,
fund raising and overall club activities. As memberships, win slips and donations are turned in, the tickets
will be tracked on the win slip tracker. Tickets will be handed out and drawn at the Year End Banquet. At
the year-end banquet, the member's ticket that is drawn will have the opportunity to win a cash prize or
an incentive saddle. You MUST be present to win the incentive prize.
Ayear end saddle (or cash prize further referenced herein as the incentive saddle) will be awarded via
raffle drawing to one NWTRA Member. Incentive raffle tickets can be earned throughout the year by the
membership as follows:
• Sign up and Pay Membership by March 31, 2013 - 5 tickets (OK if post marked march 31, 2013)
• Sign up and Pay Membership by June 30, 2013 (for 2013 only) - 2 tickets
• Attendance at NWTRA Meetlngs/ropings - 5 tickets per event (do not have to rope, can help w/
• Each win SlipTurned in throughout the year -1 ticket per win slip (all earnings in one day will be
allowed one ticket, one ticket per day max).
• For each $100 in donations, sponsorships or raffle/poker tickets sold - 5 tickets/$100
Incentive Saddle Restrictions:
• The incentive saddle cannot be won by a person winning a current year's league saddle
• in future years (after 2013), you must be a member by the end of the first quarter. Due to the
late roll-out of the program, in 2013 you must be a member by the end of the 2"' quarter (end
of June 2013).
• The incentive saddle or prize will be determined by the amount of money raised by the club
each year. If a saddle is chosen over cash prize, the value and quality will not exceed that of the
league placement saddles. The amount of funds available for the incentive prize will not exceed
15% of the netfund raising brought in by the club. If funds raised do not support a saddle
purchase, a suitable prize will be given.
• For 2013 the incentive tickets will be retroactively assigned on win slips and fund raising to the
start of the NWTRA 2013 season (which is the day after our 2012 finals).
All other questions, discrepancies or ticket/award disputes will be decided by the current years Board of
Directors and Officers.
NWTRA Incentive Saddle Roll Out Language
For Posting in the following locations:
• Membership Email
• NWTRA Facebook Page
• NWTRA Website
For the 2013 season, the NWTRA has introduced an Incentive Saddle Program for its membership. The
incentive saddle program is solely designed to increase membership and membership participation
within the club. It is the intention of the Fund Raising committee to increase membership and
involvement. Historically, a small number of members have been involved in fund raising and running
the club. We hope this incentive saddle will spark member interest and give us the ability to cultivate
future leaders among the club. It has come to our attention, that there is some interest by women who
would like to participate, but may not be able to rope (Roping spouses, retired lady ropers, supporters of
the club, etc.). This saddle will provide incentive for those ladies to participate and increase participation
of our roping membership. The NWTRA is designed to support the western culture and development of
women in Team Roping. By broadening our involvement through a wide array of women, we also
encourage leadership and mentorship of our members by the extensive experience rooted in our club
(in both roping and other talents/experiences). As a result, we want to encourage participation by all
members whom each have something to offer.
The Incentive Saddle has been approved for the 2013 season and will be reviewed at the end of the year
for its appropriateness and effectiveness. Incentive saddle tickets are awarded based on involvement.
See the attached "Incentive Saddle Structure" to learn about how you can get more involved in the club.
Please specifically note the tWo membership registration deadlines for eligibility for 2013.
Thank you all for your interest and participation in the 2013 NWTRA season. We are currently underway
and cannot wait to see you at our events I
'Please note that incentive tickets will be retroactively assigned based on the incentive structure
attached retroactive from the day after the end of the 2012 season. We recognize and apologize for the
late roll out of the program. There are a small number of members working on a large number of club
items. We hope this saddle will increase involvement so we can encourage participation from other
members to work more efficiently in the future.
If you have any questions, piease email TinaMuddattbird24686@hotmail.com. Carisa Cutler at
carisacutler@ymail.com, or Jennifer Behrendt at jbehrendt@geneygassiot.com

January 23, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Carisa at 7:30.  Only Marcy, Carole & Carisa called in so we talked about Mother’s Day Madness and we will be the committee for it.  Carole will get an ad together for the RSN and we will have the same ropings & fees that we had last year.  Carole had talked to Tommy & he said he would provide the cattle, pay for help, provide for barrier & announcing system for a 60/40 split.  Larry Miller had wanted to bid the roping also but Carisa later talked with him and he would rather have an All Girl at one of his ropings & give us the cattle money as a donation.

Carisa said she is working on getting our average prizes for MDM  donated & has been looking at some awards from Twisted Tack that are pretty cool. 

Marcy brought up that she would really like us to be more supportive to the communites and would like us to partner with Food Bank.  We could have a barrel at our ropings and have everyone contribute food that comes to the ropings. 

Since there were no more members calling in we closed the meeting at 8pm.

Respectfully submitted

Carole Rogers


October 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes


The meeting after our finals roping was called to order at approximately 6pm at Stix Arena in Fernley by Carisa.  Carole reported the bank balance was $4,203.05 in general account & $1,001.53 in the catastrophe fund account.

The first order of business was election of officers and Carisa explained she would like another year to do a better job so she was elected President again.  Jennifer Behrendt had said the same thing and was elected Vice President again; Secretary-Treasurer is Carole Rogers again and the Directors are:  Tina Mudd, Stacey Blake, Abby Spingola, Gabby Watkins, Joanne Capurro and Renee Funk.

We discussed the banquet, some dates to have it and also locations.  The Doc Bar room at the Livestock Events Center was tossed around but not sure if that could be arranged during the ACTRA finals, WR Resort & Sandwinds.  Carisa, Nancy & Renee are on the banquet committee with others volunteering to help out.

Tina discussed the poker tournament that she heads and she will check with Grand Sierra but it will possibly be the end of January or first of February.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is such a fun one!

We voted secretly on who we each thought was the Most Improved Roper of the year and it will be announced at our banquet.

Nancy Campbell and Julianne Hutchings won the Jennie Steele all girl roping at our finals so they automatically have their dues paid for 2012-2013.  They will receive their buckles at our banquet.

The meeting was adjourned.


July 2012 Meeting Minutes


Nevada Women’s Team Roping Association’s July 30, 2012 meeting was called to order at 7:38 by Carisa.  The current checking account balance is $7,815.05 and the catastrophe fund balance is $1,001.41.

Ginger moved to approve the last minutes and it was seconded by Cheri B.

The next item was placing the following new members in their respective leagues:

Connie Gibb  B league/but she didn’t join until Sunday July 29 so only the money she won from that day forward counts

Carlee English C league

Jayce Blake C league

Jenee Rhodes C league

Nancy Campbell B league

Josy Wortman, Kerri & Charmi Pommerening & Ally Sceirine were placed in the C league last year.

We discussed the problem with ladies paying their dues in the middle of the year and therefore not participating in some of our fundraisers.  We discussed having different amounts for dues paid after the poker tournament specifically a higher amount.  We also need to clarify membership on date of payment.

We discussed one of our standing rules ( III C) that talks about the NWTRA website or other advertising media  and Carisa was wondering what the “other advertising media” actually encompasses.  We tabled this.

We discussed the finals roping and Carole had talked with Tommy Lee and he had suggested we go with a Saturday and if the weather is bad we could then change the roping to Hutchings barn; which will be a cost of $300 and continue on with the roping.  We decided on October 13 at Dave Stix arena in Fernley with Hutchings barn as alternate if the weather is bad.  We will have the same ropings we had at MDM. and Tommy will do the same split with us:  60/40.  We will have Cathy run the roping again and either pay someone to enter teams or members will help out.  We will have a silent auction at our finals also since we usually have one at our banquet; which actually might prove better with more folks in attendance.

We discussed trying to have our awards after our finals especially since it is on Saturday and everyone agreed this would be good.  We would need to get awards ordered soon.

Tommy had also talked to Carole on the ACTRA roping producer discounts through Cactus Saddlery and we decided that would be a great idea; we could order 3 saddles & with each saddle comes a breast collar & halter which we could give as other awards.   There are several levels of saddles to pick from and Nora went through them saying that level 3 would probably be the best for us; it would make the net cost of the saddles around $1280 each.

The year-end awards committee is Austin and Tina but Nora Lee and Jennifer Behrendt volunteered to help on it also.

Carisa brought up about the California ladies having a fundraiser in California. This was discussed and was partly brought up because of the meeting at our finals in 2011 when there was some heated discussion on members not participating or selling tickets for the poker tournament which had been our biggest fundraiser.   Ginger said she realizes that is the Nevada Women’s Team Roping Association and she doesn’t want to cause any problems or hard feelings with us that maybe California girls shouldn’t  join because it is harder for them to get donations or sell the poker tickets.  We discussed this for quite some time and decided that for some members whether CA or NV it is harder to sell the poker tickets but members contribute in other ways or work at the BFI.


Members calling in for the meeting were:  Carisa Cutler, Jen Behrendt, Carole Rogers, Ginger & Katy Fitzgerald, Cheri Blosser and Nora Lee.


January 30, 2012 Meeting Minutes

The teleconference meeting was called to order by President Carisa at around 7:10 pm.  The first order of new business was setting up committees for this year.


Fundraising:  Tina & Carisa

MDM:  Carole & Marcy

Finals roping:  Carisa, Carole & Marcy

YE awards:  Austin & Tina


Tina went over the poker tournament on March 17th at the Grand Sierra; she is checking with them on special poker room rates for the evening.  She said we need to sell 40 tickets to break even and where we make our money is on the rebuys everyone does.  Tina is donating the prizes for the tournament and the top ticket seller (member) will receive a special prize.


Tina and Carisa have sent sponsor proposals out to the mines and large corporations which will hopefully generate some sponsorship that might pay for some saddles.  We set our fundraising goal of $10,000 this year.  Tina brought up what her sister’s barrel race organization does to inspire members to sell tickets is they have an incentive saddle and when you turn a win slip in or sell a ticket you get a raffle ticket which at the end of the year are all put in a container and the ticket drawn out wins the saddle. 


Ginger brought up some ideas she had about when the prizes are awarded.  She thought instead of having a year-end banquet we award the prizes at our finals roping & have a barbeque or something.  We would have to change our standing rules so that all donations would have to be turned in by June 30 instead of September so we would have time to order everything & have it all here.


We tabled that until a regular meeting in person in February and in Fernley where we could really discuss it. 


The minutes from our finals roping Oct 2011 were approved; moved by Cheri B & seconded by Tina.  The current bank balance is $2.967.28 after sending the $1,000 check to Kim Hansen for her and her family’s house loss in the fire. Kim and her family lost their house in the Washoe Drive fire in January, 2012 and she relayed through Tina how much she appreciated the money from us.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45.  Members calling in were:  Carisa Cutler, Carole Rogers, Natalie Canelis, Ginger & Katy Fitzgerald, Cheri Blosser, Marcy Jordan, Tina Mudd & Wendy Moffitt.


Respectfully submitted:




Carole Rogers


October 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Austin at Dave Stix arena during our finals roping.    The previous meeting minutes had been emailed out to all members for approval
The bank balances were read with there being $6,609.10 in the checking and $500.86 in the catastrophe fund.

Carole said she had emailed Stephanie Anderson about the BFI $100 difference & she had sent a check which was deposited.

We had election of officers for the coming year & they are:

President:  Carisa Cutler
VP:               Jennifer Behrendt
Sec/Treas:  Carole Rogers
Directors:   Marcy Jordan
                  Darcy Stewart
       Marisa Julian
       Joann Capurro
       Ginger Fitzgerald
       Tina Mudd 
Austin is on as the past president.
Tina will be head of the poker tournament again.

We discussed our budget of $1200 per saddle for the champions of each league because of the low fund balance.  Michelle had found fully tooled saddles from Skyline for around $1300 and wanted each league champion to pay the difference between our budget of $1200 and the actual cost of those saddles.  We thought that if each one wants to pay the difference from what NWTRA is able to afford it would be ok for this year.

Marcy brought up that she would like to see more prizes at our MDM roping & build it back up to what it has been in the past and not give such lavish prizes at year end to ones lower in the leagues.

We discussed our fundraisers and the possibility of maybe having a roping in the Susanville area as it is hard for those members to sell tickets for the poker tournament; which is our biggest fundraiser. 

We discussed the banquet quickly and Marcy volunteered her home as she has a large garage where we could have a barbeque and award the year end prizes.  The committee will work on that further.  We also discussed having a New Years Day roping again somewhere there is a indoor arena; either Washoe Valley or Fallon.

The meeting was adjourned.
Carole Rogers